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Made possible by Arts Brookfield, the installation features thousands of used plastic containers, which were washed thoroughly and then strung together by Toronto-based artist Katharine Harvey. From a distance, “Chandelier” catches and glints in the sun just like a glass or crystal chandelier might, but upon further inspection, one sees that it is comprised of nothing more than the waste generated by our consumption of goods and food. Hopefully that will give the thousands of businesswomen and men passing through the atrium daily something to think about.

“While Chandelier is at first glance a gorgeous complement to the sun-drenched Winter Garden, closer examination also offers timely food for thought around Earth Day,” said Debra Simon, V.P. and Artistic Director of Arts Brookfield. “We’re thrilled that New York audiences will enjoy a groundbreaking work by one of Canada’s leading visual artists.”

+ Katharine Harvey

+ World Financial Center Chandelier

Photos by Yuka Yoneda and Katharine Harvey