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Kickstarter enlisted Ole Sondresen Architects to design their dream headquarters inside the abandoned shell of the historic Eberhard Faber Pencil Co. factory on Kent St. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The building has been slowly taking shape despite weather-related delays, and the brick shell that previously occupied the space has now been replaced with, well, a brick shell with new windows. All joking aside, the progress that’s been made on the inside of the building is finally becoming more apparent as new staircases, a daylight-providing courtyard and a rooftop garden are now in place.

For now, the green roof only boasts 9 trees, but we also spied the beginnings of landscaped paths and a pile of pavers. If you look closely, you can also see that the cut-out courtyard, which extends all the way from the roof to the first floor, is also largely complete. In addition to creating an airy, indoor/outdoor feeling for Kickstarter employees, this central design element will also spill light into the 29,000-sq-ft space. So far, the “No Floor” warning sign is still visible on the facade of the old pencil factory, but don’t you agree that the place looks much better than it did just a few months ago?

Stay tuned to see more of the Kickstarter headquarters’ progress right here at Inhabitat.

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Photos © Yuka Yoneda.