Citi Bike has revolutionized green transportation in New York City, with over 10 million trips taken so far. But with so many rides on a daily basis, the popular bike sharing program does require some heavy maintenance to keep its bikes running smoothly. So just how do they keep their famous blue bikes squeaky clean and rust-free, you ask? With OzzyJuice, of course!

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Citi Bike has revealed that the secret to their rust-free chains, seats and gears is a product called the Smart Bike Washer. Created by ChemFree, this environmentally-friendly bike cleaner contains OzzyJuice, a solution of microbes that is able to thoroughly clean all the little operating parts of the bicycles without producing harmful pollutants or chemicals in the process.

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OzzyJuice works thanks to a process called bioremediation, which uses microorganisms to remove or neutralize pollutants and chemicals. This system allows the company to properly clean the multitudes of bikes used on a daily basis without releasing harmful chemicals into the environment. After rinsing the parts with the solution, the residue filters into the bottom of the washer where all contaminants are broken down and eliminated. The Smart Bike Washer system is 100% self-contained so the bike share’s cleaning process is just as eco-friendly as the service it provides the city.

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