Ennead Architects Riverhouse

Eco-conscious residents of the Riverhouse are able to enjoy incredible Hudson River views along with various state-of-the-art sustainable features like a beautiful green roof. However, it’s the building’s custom-design double skin facade that makes the design simply outstanding in terms of energy-efficiency and responsive design. In fact, Riverhouse was the first residential development to use this double-glass wall technology in the United States.

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The elaborate double-skin system provides a buffer between the interior and exterior that allows the building to be energy-efficient year round. Through its cavity volume, dampers, operable vents and manual sun blinds, the system is fully responsive to seasonal climate variations.

The system employs  a dual-vent design to ventilate the building, ensuring optimal healthy living conditions for residents. When the vents are open, fresh air can flow through two vents: one at low-level and one at ceiling level. As the air circulates and gets warmer, it rises and is then exhausted outwards through the upper vent, passively ventilating each living space.

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Photos © Jeff Goldberg/Esto