Luisa Cerutti is bringing messages of joy to Hell’s Kitchen one ball of yarn at a time. Cerutti, the co-owner of local housewares store Domus and overall ambassador of happiness, has outfitted three trees on West 44th with colorful “tree cozies” stitched with various messages of peace and love.

Luisa Cerutti West 44th tree cozy

Cerutti, 55, knitted her first tree cozy as a tribute to two neighborhood children, Hazen Kennedy and Liam Witt, who passed away from cancer. Cerutti stitched the boys’ names into her special tree sweaters, along with a smiley face in hopes of bring joy to the area. “We wanted to create something happy, so people would smile and send good vibrations to them,” she said.

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Of course, trees aren’t the only beneficiaries of Cerutti’s yarn bombings. When her building was covered by unsightly scaffolding, Cerutti knitted scarves for the metal poles in order “to spread a message of happiness.” After the scaffolding came down, she stitched the scarves with new messages like “Be A Rainbow,” “Share A Smile” and “Choose Joy” and reattached them onto two nearby trees.

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Images via DNAinfo/Rosa Goldensohn