If you’re in New York City tomorrow night, don’t forget to look up. The facade of the iconic Empire State Building is set to double as a giant canvas from 9pm to midnight. 33 floors of the landmark will be lit up with a slideshow of endangered animal photos designed by Travis Threlkel and filmmaker Louie Psihoyos in order to spur awareness about the need to take action to protect these imperiled species.

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The Empire State Building’s new LED lighting system has been used to pay tribute to causes, groups and events, but this weekend will be the first time actual moving images are projected onto the structure’s facade. Threlkel and Psihoyos’s three-hour looping reel will present snow leopards, golden lion tamarins, snakes, birds and sea creatures–all at risk of endangerment–in all of their glory in 5K resolution. The animals will seem to come to life, stretching 375 feet high and 186 feet across and projected by forty 20,000-lumen projectors located a few blocks away on a rooftop at West 31st Street.

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The film is expected to be viewable as far south as 14th Street in order to inspire thousands of New Yorkers and visitors over the course of the evening. Threlkel and Psihoyos hope that the pairing of the powerful images and an icon of sustainable architecture sends a message to viewers of the importance of conservation and environmental consciousness.

Via The NY Times

Images © Empire State Building, Matthias Uhlig and Anthony Quintano