The days of planning your weekend so you can finally lug that hefty old computer to the occasional e-waste drop off are over. The Lower East Side Ecology Center, host of many electronic waste collections, has just opened a permanent drop-off site in Brooklyn. Grab your faxes, printers, scanners, even cell phones and pagers and head on down to the new warehouse at 469 President Street in Gowanus to help the nonprofit’s recycling efforts.

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The new drop-off center can accommodate nearly 260,000 pounds of e-waste and will accept deliveries from homes, small businesses, and nonprofits from all over the metro area. The site will also include a refurbishing and reselling center that will allow people to purchase repaired keyboards, motherboards, and other electronic parts. Furthermore, Christine Datz-Romero, the executive director of the the Lower East Side Ecology Center says the refurbishing program “will generate jobs and job training opportunities right here in the city.”

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via New York Times