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Tucked on a quiet block in NoHo, the store opened in early September. Inside, visitors can purchase MakerBot 3D Printing machines to make their own creations at home or come in and see the machine in action. Working machines are set up around the store, constantly creating colorful plastic models of everything from chain links to high heeled shoes.

As if the whole idea of 3D replication for the masses wasn’t impressive enough already, now customers can even immortalize their own faces in 3D. The ShapeShot booth is a futuristic spin on the vintage photo booth. Inside, users can nab a replicated version of their faces in one of the many MakerBot plastic hues right on the spot. MakerBot’s photobooth captures 360 imagery of each user’s face, down to every detail from the tip of the nose to behind the ears, and then recreates it in any size you want!

Aside from functional objects, the MakerBot store also boasts replicas of sculptures from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, made from files captured with a special MakerBot iPhone app.

Stop by the MakerBot store to get your very own replicated “you” and witness the technology of the future right before your own eyes.

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