Get your cameras ready New Yorkers! “Manhattanhenge,” the solar phenomenon that descends upon NYC but twice a year, will be visible tonight. This evening, the sun will align perfectly with Manhattan’s east-west grid, presenting spectacular sunsets – especially when viewed from certain streets. Yesterday night, we were able to see a half sun on New York’s grid and tonight, we’ll be able to see the full sun  showcased.

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Sunset over Lower Manhattan, New York City via Shutterstock

A play on the solstices’ visual effects on Stonehenge, Manhattanhenge is also known as the “Manhattan Solstice.” The effect is made possible thanks to Manhattan’s 200-year-old grid, which is laid out at a 29 degree angle from true east-west. On May 30th (tonight), the sun will set directly over the New Jersey horizon and will be positioned perfectly over each street’s midline.

According to the Hayden Planetarium, the best plan for photo opportunities is to get settled at your viewing position about half an hour earlier than the 8:18 p.m. sunset tonight. Take a walk and locate yourself as far east in Manhattan as possible. Some of the better views for photographers will occur on 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd, 57th and the nearby streets parallel to them. And of course, the Empire State, Chrysler and MetLife buildings will offer some stellar views. Note how Manhattan’s buildings will frame the setting sun perfectly.

+ Hayden Planetarium

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Photos courtesy Shutterstock, Wikipedia (Daniel Schwen)