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For the exhibition, curator Ron Labaco pulled together a collection of 150 works by artists who use 3D technology in their production or design, including Rees and Dupont, who also have pieces inside the museum. The works show how technology has influenced the art world and art production, introducing technology alongside the artist’s hand.

Rees’ sculpture, which is entitled “Converge: Ghraib Bag,” sits across Broadway in a pedestrian plaza.  The 16-foot piece, which is a cluster of wrestling figures, was created entirely in a 3D modeling program, then milled by a machine. Rather than the historic tradition of an artist carving a sculpture from a block of marble, Rees’ piece takes the modern approach, using a machine to carve a sculpture from a cube of plastic, before adding the artist’s hand finish touches.

Dupont’s “Going Around by Passing Through” appears as an oversized, deflated face, placed right in front of the museum’s entrance. The 15-foot-tall piece is actually a digitally-scanned portrait of Dupont himself, which was then contorted and manipulated before being printed.

The public is welcome to contemplate, touch, and photograph the works, which are also accompanied by QR codes to scan for more information, including an animation by Rees.

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Images ©Lori Zimmer for Inhabitat