Taking a dip in the East River may not be on your list of summer to-dos yet, but it could be soon if three entrepreneurs can finance plans to bring a massive +-shaped pool to the famous waterbody. The initiative to build a floating, water-filtering + Pool in the middle of the river is already three years in the works, and it just needs some additional funding to become a reality. If successful, this innovative project could set the stage for a fun new pastime in the city.

Designers Dong-Ping Wong of F A M I L Y and Archie Lee Coates IV and Jeffrey Franklin of PlayLab, Inc created the project after being fed up with having to leave New York City in order to have access to clean, safe water in which to swim. According to their website, the project was launched with the hope of improving the city’s natural resources and offering an opportunity to the public to swim in New York’s waters.  The 9,000-square-foot, Olympic-length pool would combine four pools into one, thus creating a “+” sign. There is a pool for children, one for water sports, another for swimming laps and one for simply lounging.

The project kicked off in 2010 with a goal of raising enough money (at least $1 million) to launch a test pool by 2015 and open officially shortly after. Since launching the initiative, the design team has partnered with researchers at Columbia University, engineers at Arup and environmental consultants at One Nature in an effort to address the highly polluted waterway and make it safe for swimmers.

The team is now seeking to raise $250,000 to create a mock up of the + Pool to test its three-level filtration system within the pool’s walls. The project has already received support from city officials, the architectural community and other grassroots open-swim advocates and organizations. To support the project and to make a donation, visit their website here.

+ Pool

Via Arch Paper