In the wake of last year’s Superstorm Sandy, and in preparation for an even more turbulent hurricane season, Mayor Bloomberg spoke today on safeguarding New York City from future climate change issues. Bloomberg proposed a mix of surge protecting measures, like flood walls, levees and dunes to keep unwanted water out during impending storms, in addition to providing funding for property owners to flood-proof their buildings.

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Bloomberg’s proposals will cost around $15-20 billion, of which $10 billion has already been accounted for from Sandy relief. The city will have to pony up an additional $5 billion, but Bloomberg hopes to secure this from federal funds. The ambitious plan will include removable flood walls for lower Manhattan, and a levee for Staten Island and Brooklyn, in addition to flood gates. Sand dunes would also be constructed for Staten Island and the Rockaways, and $1.2 billion will be given to property owners to bulk up their flood protection. There will also be an additional $50 million allocated to nursing homes and hospitals to use to for pumping system upgrades.

Bloomberg realizes his plan won’t happen over night and will likely spill over onto the next’s mayor’s plate, but after Superstorm Sandy, he acknowledges that the forces of nature aren’t to be taken lightly. With predictions of significant increased temperatures and water levels over the next century, Bloomberg’s plan will help New York remain safe and magnificent.

Via Huffington Post