Photo via FEMA’s Facebook Page

NYC Rapid Repairs is an unprecedented new program announced by Mayor Bloomberg and Director of NYC Housing Recovery Operations Brad Gair today to fix homes damaged by Hurricane Sandy as quickly and efficiently as possible. The mayor explained that through a partnership with FEMA, the new program would organize teams of contractors and city inspectors, and send them into neighborhoods that were affected by Hurricane Sandy to assess and rebuild so that people can get back into their homes and get on with their lives. If your home was destroyed or impacted by the super storm, you’ll be able to sign up for NYC Rapid Repairs starting on Tuesday by calling 311 or by going to Please read on for other important details.

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For many people living in shelters after their homes were damaged by Hurricane Sandy, hiring a contractor to fix their property may seem like a daunting task and one that is low priority after keeping their loved ones warm and fed. But the fact is that the sooner people can return home, the sooner their lives will return to a normal, comfortable state. The goal of the NYC Rapid Repairs program is to help homeowners who may have no idea what the first step in repairing their houses get the help they need as quickly as possible, and Mayor Bloomberg said that he even expects some displaced people to be back in their homes as early as next week thanks to the new initiative.

“In the neighborhoods hardest hit by Sandy, homeowners need help fixing their homes – and they need it now,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “We’ve come up with an innovative and unprecedented way to bring government resources to bear on this recovery effort. Every homeowner should know that their City government is committed to helping them rebuild.”

So how can you sign up for NYC Rapid Repairs? Homeowners will be able to start calling 311 or going to on Tuesday to get contractors out to their homes. In order to get someone out to your house, you will need a FEMA ID number, which can be obtained by registering at or by calling 1-800-621-3362, so you might want to do that as soon as possible before Tuesday to get the ball rolling. According to a press release issued today by City Hall, homeowners who enroll in the program won’t have to pay upfront for repairs.