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Forecasts have been saying that the great nor’easter storm that is supposed to hit at mid-day today will be nothing close to Hurricane Sandy, but Mayor Bloomberg isn’t taking any chances. The mayor’s office is asking New Yorkers to take a few moments to prepare just in case leftover structural damage and half-broken tree limbs are affected by high winds, which are expected to reach 40 mph with gusts up to 65 mph.

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Mayor Bloomberg is not taking this weaker storm lightly. Although it isn’t threatening to level homes like Sandy did, the plummet of temperatures alone is a threat to Sandy victims without heat (or shelter). The mayor has dispatched police to warn at-risk neighborhoods over patrol car loudspeakers, and is suggesting evacuation in some areas. Flooding may occur and storm surges are expected to rise to 3 to 5 feet by this afternoon.

Aside from evacuations, the city is shutting down construction sites and city parks by 5pm to ensure workers and residents get home before the extreme cold hits. FEMA has also come in and relocated 95,000 people and homeless to warm shelters throughout New York and New Jersey.

New Jersey shore residents received a mandatory evacuation, and bordering neighborhoods were told to restock emergency supplies in preparation for the storm.

Although the nor-easter is not expected to be as bad as initially thought, even airlines are taking precautions. American Airlines is shutting down New York service after 3pm today, with other airlines following suit.

If you are in an effected area such as Breezy Point, Hamilton Beach or Gerristen Beach, Bloomberg is suggesting seeking refuge with family or friends. If you can’t get to them, a list of city shelters is available, as well as pick-up locations for buses to the shelters.

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