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Without the Tiffany & Co Foundation, there might not have been a High Line park. The foundation has been instrumental in helping Friends of the High Line raise the necessary funds not only to refurbish the original rail line but also to maintain it. In 2007, they also gave a generous gift that helped fund construction of the Chelsea Grasslands between West 18th and West 20th Streets.

Michael J. Kowalski, Chairman and CEO of Tiffany & Co.; Fernanda M. Kellogg, Chair of The Tiffany & Co. Foundation; and Anisa Kamadoli Costa, President of the Foundation, along with Friends of the High Line Co-Founders Joshua David and Robert Hammond all joined the Mayor for the cutting and naming ceremony of one of the park’s most distinctive features.

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Photos © Yuka Yoneda

Final image via Compujeramy, Flickr