Recycling in New York City just got a little easier today with the launch of the city’s largest public space recycling initiative. Mayor Bloomberg joined the Times Square Alliance, BigBelly Solar and the Alcoa Foundation this morning to announce the debut of the Times Square Public Space Recycling Pilot program and 30 new BigBelly solar-powered waste and recycling stations. With over 500,000 visitors a day, Times Square sees more garbage than any other nabe in the city (approximately 900 bags daily), so it is hoped that the new stations will help both tourists and locals recycle all of that trash properly.

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“We want to encourage visitors to Times Square to recycle so we are trying to make recycling easier,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “By year’s end, our Administration will put 1,000 new recycling containers on streets in all five boroughs. Making recycling easier for New Yorkers will build on our work to make our entire system of solid waste management less polluting, more energy-efficient, and more sustainable, both economically and environmentally.”

The new Big Belly stations have 3 clearly-marked sections for garbage, paper and bottles and cans and use solar power to compact trash so that less pickups are needed. The cans will be able to hold about 5 times the amount of regular sidewalk trash receptacle and are expected to slash greenhouse emissions by 80 percent.

+ Times Square Alliance

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