Photo: Jim Henderson

Mayor Bloomberg and several other city officials kicked off the opening of Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 5 this morning. The $26 million, five-acre former shipping pier will feature three outdoor multi-purpose recreation fields for soccer and other team sports, a picnic peninsula that will include picnic tables, barbecues and children’s play equipment and a continuous esplanade for strollers, sports spectators and people interested in fishing.

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“The beautiful and innovative Brooklyn Bridge Park has quickly become one of the main attractions in the newly revitalized New York harbor,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “In summer 2012, the park welcomed 90,000 visitors per weekend. Starting today, New Yorkers and tourists alike will have even more reasons to visit Brooklyn Bridge Park,” he added.

Brooklyn Bridge Park will begin permitting soccer league play next spring during open park hours and will provide the general public and public schools a space for group sport activities. Evening play will be postponed until the electrical equipment, damaged during Hurricane Sandy, is replaced.

Also scheduled to open before the end of the year is the pedestrian bridge connecting Squibb Park in Brooklyn Heights. This 120-ft handicapped-accessible bridge will bypass buildings between the two parks, leading visitors directly to the waterfront. The bridge will be made of locust timber and naturally rot-resistant materials with galvanized steel connections, mesh panels and lit handrails.