In his State of the City address today, Mayor Bloomberg announced his plan to double New York City’s recycling efforts over the next five years. With the implementation of residential recycling and the creation of local composting sites, the Big Apple will not only become more green, but will save lots of green, too! Bloomberg’s new plans aim to cut the city’s current garbage bill from $300 million to $50 million by 2017.

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The first order of business is reinventing New York City’s residential recycling program. Once construction on a new recycling center in Brooklyn is completed, the program will allow residents to recycle most plastics, including rigid products like yogurt cups and prescription medicine bottles. This tiny change alone is projected to improve the current 15 percent of waste diverted from landfills to 30 percent overall. The Mayor is also laying the groundwork for at least two new composting sites throughout the city for dropping off yard waste.

Additionally, the Bloomberg administration aims to increase the recycling receptacles found around the city from the current 600 to 1,100 in the next two years. This improvement alone will encourages individual recycling that may spread to communities, schools, and businesses. The city will also soon be proposing the installation of one or two waste conversion centers that will produce green heat or electricity. While New York City is at the forefront of tourism and entertainment, Mayor Bloomberg seeks to improve its green edge in the near future.

Via New York Times

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