Soda-loving New Yorkers are having a field day today after photos of Mayor Bloomberg sipping a Big Gulp spread across social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram overnight. In the pics, Bloomberg, who is notorious for his efforts to ban large sugary drinks throughout the city, appears to be enjoying exactly the type of beverage he’d admonished at numerous press conferences.

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“I can’t believe him. After all of that telling us what not to drink, he goes and gets a soda himself,” said Cherry Saccharino, of Ridgewood, Queens. The news had others fuming as well. “Thank goodness the ban didn’t go through. But still – the nerve,” said Jim Fizz as he enjoyed a grande frappuccino at Starbucks.

While it might seem like the mayor drank his own words, he actually had a somewhat plausible explanation for his behavior. “Listen, I was just super thirsty, ok?” he told reporters. “I usually keep a reusable water bottle with me, but I left it at home today, and my mouth was starting to get really dry. I was about to give a speech and I really needed to unparch my throat. So I grabbed the Big Gulp and took just one sip. It wasn’t like I drank the whole thing.”

As the mayor is well known to do, he also translated his excuse into Spanish on Twitter: “Eschucha! Yo was muy parchado pero no hay accessorio to agua. So yo drankido el Gulpo Grande. Yo ñecesito to do it. Lo siento!”

Just kiddin’ – April Fool’s everyone!