Next time you’re looking for a candy bar at your local bodega, you may have to really search! This week, Mayor Bloomberg continued his controversial crusade for health  by urging NYC food stores to do some serious shelf rearranging. His new “Shop Healthy” program encourages grocers and bodegas to prominently display their fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks in the fronts of their stores while pushing candy bars and junk food to the back shelves below eye level. The program took a test run in two Bronx stores earlier this week, and 180 additional bodegas have already followed suit.

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Mayor Bloomberg has seen his fair share of criticism recently for his battle against city obesity. While his giant soda ban may be unpopular, it is one of many smalls steps the Mayor has taken to change New York’s health habits. State Senator Gustavo Rivera said “We’re saying to stores, ‘You can present healthier options to the people who shop at your stores every day.’ Still making money, still making sure that you have a successful business, but presenting healthier choices to people.”

The Shop Healthy program is also well prepared for the hot summer months in the city. Stores are encouraged to display water and low-calorie drinks in coolers near their entrances. But if it’s a sugary drink or soda you want, you’ll have to grab a warm one off a shelf in the back.

via NY Magazine

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