Nearly 300 existing New York City Housing Authority developments will be getting sustainable upgrades in a $100 million city project announced by Mayor de Blasio last week. A series of Energy Performance Contracts will help the city retrofit thousands of buildings across the five boroughs as part of NYC’s ongoing plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The project will also create tens of millions of dollars in utility savings, as well as hundreds of new jobs for New Yorkers.

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The ambitious plan will become the largest energy savings program for a public housing authority in the United States, acting as inspiration for other cities to follow suit. With the retrofit, thousands of public housing buildings will be given green makeovers, to help each building save energy, combat the rising cost of utilities, and reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses each releases into the atmosphere.

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With the $100 million program, buildings across the city will receive upgraded lighting systems, energy efficient heating and cooling, better water systems and more comfortable climate control, ensuring much needed heating for tenants during colder months.

The first wave of the plan will be rolled out across 89 properties, encompassing 87,000 apartments (inhabited by about 200,000 residents). Once energy and water systems in these buildings are upgraded, they will not only create a happier living place for tenants, but save millions of dollars on energy costs each year.

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