Albeit somewhat bad timing what with all the fecal funkiness and vomit issues going down, McCarren Pool has put the word out that it’s looking to hire snack bar and mobile food vendors. The complex recently submitted a request for proposals to the Parks Department, which will have application information available on their website later today. If you operate a food or drink cart or know someone who does, it’s great opportunity to grow your brand and gain some exposure.

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McCarren Pool’s request is specifically calling for a snack bar and mobile food units. Applicants have until September 12th to submit their finest proposals. The pool currently has no official vendors and has been the subject of a number of complaints from licensed vendors competing with unlicensed locals selling water and snacks around the pool, and they’re hoping that the RFP will not only make the vending environment more fair, but will also give the hundreds of summer pool-goers safe and fulfilling food options.

via DNA info