McCarren Park Pool sure has had its problems this summer and was closed several times for issues ranging from rowdy teens to police scuffles. But now the pool is facing a new dilemma – poop. Pool-goers were recently asked to leave the LEED Silver recreation center due to “unsanitary conditions” possibly stemming from fecal matter in the pool.

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For the second month in a row, the pool is being accused if being populated with poop. After a “child toilet incident” shut down the pool last July, swimmers were told once again to jump ship and evacuate. Afternoon swims were interrupted suddenly when an announcement over the P.A. system told all swimmers to leave the pool, as it was closing due to unsanitary conditions.

Just for your own edification, when sifting feces from the community waters, the pool’s rule is to evacuate for just five minutes for a quick scoop. The cleaning time is extended to 25 minutes should the unsanitary conditions involve, well, throw up.

Two poop incidents and a handful of fighting shut downs – it seems that Williamsburg’s new LEED Silver jewel is off to a rocky start.

Via Gothamist