If you thought Lady Gaga’s meat dress was disgusting, get a load of Meat Rushmore – a 13-ft-tall replica of Mount Rushmore made of beef, pork and turkey jerky. Jack Link’s erected the flesh pile yesterday in Columbus Circle in honor of National Jerky Day, and it seemed that many passersby appreciated the work of “art.” But we still can’t get over the amount of food – 1,600 pounds – that was wasted in order to implement the meaty publicity stunt.

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From afar, the sculpture actually did look pretty spot-on, except for maybe Lincoln’s hair, which sort of just drooped down on top of his head. But take a closer look and it’s pretty disturbing when you can see every individual strip of meat that made up the massive pile of protein.

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A Jack Link’s representative told Gothamist that Meat Rushmore was made with meat products not suitable for consumption and also mentioned Jack Link’s donates its jerky products to charitable causes nationwide. While that relieves some guilt, we would have much rather seen some edible jerky given away on the street to those who truly need something to eat.

Jack Link’s said the statue could stay on the east coast if there are any takers for it. Otherwise the company plans to ship Meat Rushmore back west to the company’s Wisconsin headquarters.

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via The Gothamist

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