You might never be able to afford the art hanging on the walls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but at least everyone who visited the legendary museum walked away with a small memento – an iconic round metal admissions tabs. Until now, that is. Sadly, the museum announced this week that it will be discontinuing the buttons due to the rising cost of metal.

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Right around the time they announced that they would be open seven days a week for the first time, the Met also announced that the metal buttons given to folks who pay the suggested $25 admission fee are too expensive to continue. The colorful tabs with a large M printed on front were collectors’ items for the museum’s most regular customers, but now they will be replaced with stickers that cost just one cent each – two cents less than the tabs.

Given that the museum was buying 6.4 million of these buttons every year and raw materials are increasingly scarce, we can certainly understand the switch, but we’d love to see them implement a more creative replacement – like recycled alternatives perhaps? Sounds like a green business opportunity to us.

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