If you haven’t gotten around to getting that garage sale together to sell your old junk, it could end up as part of something even greater –  MoMA’s next art exhibition! The museum has put out a plea for people’s old stuff, specifically “strange items” that of course don’t include weapons, liquids or hazardous materials. The collective junk will become part of a new performance piece by Martha Rosler, that will take place this fall at the modern art museum. Called Meta-Monumental Garage Sale, the installation will transform The Donald B. and Catherine C. Marron Atrium into an epic flea market full of the carefully collected junk from local New Yorkers. Rosler, who hails from Brooklyn, will then create the ultimate garage sale, pricing all of the donated items and selling them to visitors.

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In the last few years, we’ve seen some reenacted historic performance pieces, from Marina Abramovic’s exhibition at MoMA to Alison Knowles’ “Make A Salad” on the Highline – and Garage Sale joins them. The first of this series, Monumental Garage Sale, was originally performed in 1973 and has reappeared at galleries throughout the years before hitting MoMA.

So while you’re waiting for your art career to take off, you can say you’re showing something at MoMA this November. Gather your broken dolls, scratched up records, roller skates and Chia pets and let Martha Rosler recycle them into the largest participatory performance piece at MoMA. The museum will be accepting items for the next two weekends, and the Meta-Monumental Garage Sale will take place from November 17th to 30th.

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