Good news for biking commuters! The MTA will be kicking off a year-long Bike & Ride pilot on September 6th. As part of the test run, the S53 and S93 bus routes in Staten Island will have their entire fleets equipped with front-mounted bicycle racks. The two lines, which run between Staten Island and the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn, were chosen based on their ridership, routes and safe accessibility to existing and planned bicycle paths.

MTA bus bike racks

The routes were strategically chosen because of the existing bicycle culture in the area, especially for students of the adjacent college campus. “Bringing the Bike & Ride program to the S53 and S93 will increase the mobility of students who are traveling between home and campus. Before this program, our customers had no direct way to travel with their bicycles on public transportation between Brooklyn and Staten Island. Now customers can take advantage of the city’s bike lanes and greenways without worrying about how to transport their bicycles,” said Darryl C. Irick, President of MTA Bus and Senior Vice President, NYC Transit Department of Buses. “A future expansion will depend on results of this pilot and will most likely focus on routes that cross bridges.”

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The bike racks have already been installed on the fleet of buses that serve the two pilot routes. During the testing phrase, officials will be trying out three types of front-mounted racks. Each one of the racks can hold two non-collapsible bikes.

The racks will be free to use and work on a first-come-first-serve basis. There is no age restriction, but anyone wanting to use the racks must be able to load and unload the bicycle safely and securely and, as one could surely assume, very quickly as to not infuriate waiting passengers who are already on board.


Images courtesy of MTA