Folks, it’s finally here!! Beginning February 1st, New York City subway riders can refill their 7-day and 30-day unlimited ride MetroCards! A long time coming, this innovation is not only user friendly, but great for the environment as well, reducing the need for thousands of printed MetroCards. Many subway riders purchase a monthly card and hold onto it for dear life until it expires 30 days later. Soon MetroCards will not only be reusable, but they will also be able to hold a back-up refill that can be purchased before your time period is over.

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The new refill feature for 7-day or 30-day MetroCards works like this: anytime after you begin using your card, you have the option to purchase one refill before your week or month is up, which means that waiting for your card to run out and missing the train due to the dreaded “insufficient funds” message is over! Cards can be used over and over until the expiration date printed on the back, usually at least 11 months away.

In light of the MTA’s possible new $1 card replacement fee expected next year, people will be holding onto their cards tighter than ever.

Via second avenue sagas

lead image via seeminglee flickr, additional images via wka flickr