You may never have to wait in line for train tickets again if the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s new plan to convert Metro-North and Long Island Railroad trains to a paperless ticketing system is successful. The MTA recently announced that it has worked out an agreement with Masabi, a mobile ticketing app developer, to launch a new program for train riders to display fares on their smartphones and tablets. When finalized, the new app will also allow commuters to skip lines and simply purchase tickets using their handheld devices.

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“More and more of our customers are using smartphones and tablets when they ride with us,” said LIRR President Helena Williams in a release. “Being able to buy tickets and display them through an app will make it that much easier to take the train, and it will mean that customers who aren’t carrying cash can still buy a ticket while on the go.”

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For now, Masabi is only helping the MTA roll out mobile ticketing for the Metro-North Railroad and the Long Island Rail Road. The service won’t be rolled out to NYC Subways just yet and the MTA has not released an official date for the launch of its mobile ticketing apps. Masabi already has a reputation of building successful ticketing programs for places like Boston, San Diego, and Long Island.


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Images © Masabi Mobile Ticketing and Peter Dutton and MTA