If you’ve ever reused your MetroCard thinking it would be a waste to chuck it, you might soon be rewarded for your efforts. Word on the street is that the MTA is looking to add a $1 surcharge for all new MetroCard purchases to encourage riders to reuse their cards. Yes, the added charge would mean MetroCards will cost more, but it’s a great incentive to get people to simply reuse their cards (not a difficult ask) and it could also save the MTA $2 million a year and reduce subway litter considerably.

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The MTA prints about 160 million cards a year. Agency spokesman Adam Lisberg says, “We want people to use fewer MetroCards. It’s good for the environment and will reduce litter in our stations. Everyone has had the experience of walking into a station and seeing MetroCards littering the ground. If it costs $1 to replace your card, you won’t see that anymore.”

We were big fans of the refillable unlimited MetroCard plan launched in February, which was beneficial for both the city streets and frequent subway riders, and we hope that New Yorkers will think of the $1 surcharge as a $1 discount for recycling. There is no word yet if the surcharge will be implemented but it was included in the preliminary budget plans for next year.

via NBC News

lead image via paulmmay flickr