In an effort to increase resiliency against future Hurricane Sandy-like storms, NYC’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority will be fortifying its Lower Manhattan headquarters building with new flood barriers. Governor Cuomo announced that the barriers would be installed on the entrances of 2 Broadway to protect the building’s retail spaces, electrical and mechanical systems, and underground parking garage against flood surges up to 18-feet high.

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When Hurricane Sandy rocked New York last year, the MTA building’s basement flooded with 13 feet of water. To prevent the issue from happening again, the MTA contracted Interior Construction to build a series of movable flood barriers with permanent doors. The project team will also relocate water pumps and reconfigure the building’s emergency electrical system to create a seven-foot-high wall within the basement should the exterior walls fail to hold black the flood waters.

The project is just the first part of a three-phase mitigation initiative and $2.6 million contract that will continue through 2016. The MTA plans to further fortify the building by relocating and elevating the building’s main fire pump, sewer pumps, steam station, emergency electrical services and ventilation fans.

And those aren’t the only changes that have been happening at the MTA fortress. In the past 14 years, 2 Broadway has undergone comprehensive interior and exterior rehabilitations. One of the most prominent upgrades to the building includes improvements to its infrastructure systems including occupancy sensors, LED lighting fixtures, and variable speed drives to improve the efficiency of the building’s main heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment.

All of these changes have reduced the building’s energy consumption by 10 percent over last year, yielding more than $525,000 in energy savings. The feat also earned the MTA building green recognition and an Energy Star status.

Images © Governor Andrew Cuomo