Governor Cuomo recently unveiled New York’s new fleet of high-tech buses, some of which could be hitting the streets as early as this week. More than 2,000 of the state-of-the-art buses equipped with Wi-Fi, USB ports, and LCD screens will be rolled out over the next five years. The fleet’s sleek new design and technical amenities are a “vehicle” to transform the MTA into a 21st century service that keeps New Yorkers connected while on the go.

MTA Buses

According to the governor, the new buses, which will replace almost 40 percent of the MTA’s current fleet, will make their NYC debut as early as this week. The new buses have a slick, futuristic design and are outfitted with charging ports and free Wi-Fi. Along with the new look and amenities, a new pilot program will also see digital information screens on 200 buses that will display information about upcoming stops, available transfers, weather and other useful information.

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“We’re reimagining the MTA to improve services for all New Yorkers,” said Governor Cuomo. “Today’s world demands connectivity, and we’re meeting that challenge with state-of-the-art buses and a major overhaul of the MTA’s fleet. This upgrade will create a stronger, more convenient and more connected mass transit system for years to come.”

The modernization of the state bus system is part of NY’s mission to transform the MTA to meet the demands of the 21st century. To do so, the state is committing $8.3 billion to help fund the MTA’s $26.1 billion modernization program over the next 4 years.

Images via Govenor Cuomo Flickr