The National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival in Buffalo, New York is usually only known for two things: copious amounts of chicken wings (forty tons!) and blue cheese dressing. But recently, the festival celebrating the football game-day delicacy also included a nod to cruelty-free eating with its first-ever vegetarian wing alternatives. Steven Binks, a local chef, introduced the first animal-free wings ever in the festival’s 12-year history at this year’s event.

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At the BlueCross BlueShield tent, thousands of festivalgoers got to sample the breaded green beans wing impersonator with a hummus dip. Binks, who is also a television personality on WGRZ’s “Healthy Zone,” flavored the wings with a balance of Frank’s hot sauce and gorgonzola cheese to recreate the Buffalo Wing taste without the meat.

“Those two flavors typify what a Buffalo wing is,” Binks said in an interview with The Buffalo News. “Knowing that you can rebuild those flavors into everyday healthy items to capture the essence of wing sans actual meat.”

via The Buffalo News

Images © Scott Veg and National Buffalo Wing Festival