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Baraty left his work as an electrical engineer in pursuit of a career that would be more life-giving. Now, the artist is recognized for his unique images and has expanded his series to include aerial views of the bustling city after dark, and hopes to eventually take his work to other major cities.

“NYC is perfect because of its abundance of skyscrapers and the energy of the city that can be felt so strongly from above,” Baraty shared in an interview on the blog. “Watching the pace and flow of New York City from above is amazing. The constant stream of yellow taxis lining the avenues, the waves of pedestrians hurriedly crossing with the change of traffic signals, little figures disappearing into and emerging from the subway stations, the chorus of honking horns and sirens. It’s all so rhythmic.”

Baraty’s work has won numerous awards and has appeared in publications and exhibitions worldwide including features in the National Geographic, CNN, The Huffington Post, New York Daily News and Digital Photographer Magazine among many others. Baraty continues to expand his work into photojournalism with the desire to accurately portray humanity and shape the way people think about the Earth.

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