Who says that outdoor lounge chairs need only be for sunbathing? The clever designers at Nea Studio have created a solar-powered Heating Lounger to keep hikers and bikers warm and toasty while they enjoy the Riverdale waterfront in The Bronx. These useful and fun seats not only offer heat, but also supply a solar phone-charging station, temperature-indicating lights, and wind protection. Made from local recycled materials, the wood and steel loungers blend right into the surrounding landscape.

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The Heating Loungers are located on the south side of the Greenway path in Riverdale, and are shielded by a hill that protects the seats from gusty winds. Solar panels line the back of the seats, collecting sun to provide heat and power for the charging stations. The panels also juice up rows of LED lights that illuminate beneath the chairs and reflect off the surrounding water. The lights glow red when warmth is needed and blue when cooling is preferred. The varying brightness of the lights also indicates the change in temperature to passersby and rail passengers. Local stones are also hidden under the seats in glass cases. They heat up during the day and help keep the seats warm at nightfall. The LED illumination then bounces off the rocks, creating a colorful pattern in the water to enjoy while peacefully resting.

+ Nea Studio

via ecochunk