Though we thought some naysayers of the controversial Domino Sugar affordable housing complex may have been assuaged by Two Trees’ plan to create a temporary urban farm and bike courses at the site, it seems a new issue has now arisen. According to resident “AL”, who lives next door to the site, neighbors have been noticing what appears to be illegal open air asbestos abatement happening on the roof without proper containment. As a result, members of the community are asking locals to report any similar activity to 311 to keep their homes and schools safe from potential contamination.

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“I live next door to the Domino site. The past few days we noticed that what appears to be open air asbestos abatement seems to be happening on the roof without proper containment,” says AL. “This is next to our homes, schools, and playgrounds.” Along with other residents, AL is hoping that anyone else who sees something, says something by calling 311.

The following video was shot by a local resident while taking a lunch break on his roof. He claims to have noticed New York Insulation illegally breaking up asbestos in the open air on the roof of the Domino Sugar Factory.

[youtube width=”537″ height=”344″][/youtube]

If you’re a resident in the area who is concerned about anything you’ve seen at the site, please let us know in the comments below.