More exciting news for Citi Bike users looking to get in shape for summer! According to ABC News, NYC’s popular bike sharing system may soon be launching a revamped smartphone app that will offer detailed fitness stats such as calories burned and distance traveled. Additionally, the newly-improved app could allow users to send real-time feedback about mechanical issues such as flat tires or broken bikes.

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Although Citi Bike has traveled a rocky road over the last few years, it appears that the rebranding of its parent company Alta Bicycle Share as Motivate, has been a step in the right direction. “We are still defining how bike share should fit into the urban fabric of the city,” said Jay Walder, chief executive officer of Motivate. “Maybe it could be inside of businesses. Maybe it could be inside of buildings. Maybe it could be built into the environment.”

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In addition to its new and improved app, Motivate has major improvement plans for the entire bike share system. It will start by upgrading all of the 12,000 docking stations throughout NYC as well as overhauling the individual bikes. The number of bikes will be doubled from 6,000 to 12,000 as the service follows through on its plans to expand into new neighborhoods including Long Island City, Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Manhattan’s Upper East Side and West Side neighborhoods can also expect to see the famous blue bike docking stations around as well.

Equally exciting are the company’s plans to create a nationwide bicycle network where Citi Bike users in different cities would be able to use their Citi Bike key fobs to access the program’s bikes in other participating cities across the US.

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