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CitiLogs is a seasoned urban milling company that has been upcycling wood since 1991. Each year in urban and suburban neighborhoods around the city, thousands of trees and branches are cut down and many are removed due to age, diseases, or to clear the land for urban development. CitiLogs makes use of this “unusable” wood, that is normally cut down and turned into mulch or put into landfills.

Each fallen urban tree is milled, and transformed into an array of wood products. They could become lumber, millwork, cabinetry, or even artisan furniture to be used in the community where the trees were sourced from. By picking up the waste wood, CitiLogs also helps clean up the communities it sources from.

Aside from being a center of upcycling waste material, the Newark CitiLog mill is entirely self sufficient and powered by its own wood waste! The mill produces 100% carbon neutral electricity and heat, which is recycled throughout the facility to power the mill. These factors will help the mill reach LEED Platinum certification. Once the mill opens on July 31st, disadvantaged youth in the Newark area will also be hired to take on green-collar jobs, and will help their own community while putting money in their pockets.

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