Join GrowNYC as they transform Union Square into New Green City, an all-day celebration of the best sustainable food, technology and art on October 10th. The hands-on symposium will invite New Yorkers to join together to learn and discuss easy green practices towards a more conscious lifestyle. If you’re in the area for this free event, we definitely encourage you to stop by!

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The green activities will kick off from 10am-5pm, centered around a mainstage with smaller activity tents and interactive exhibits surrounding it. An iron chef competition will take on an eco-twist with a solar oven cook-off, followed by a lesson on how to make your own pizza box solar oven.

Participants will learn how to implement and use rainwater harvesting, weatherization techniques, and easy recycling methods. New Yorkers can also bring by their old cell phones and textiles to drop off at the recycling booths.

Green art and interactive exhibitions will appeal to those with a creative side, while recycling demos will help families transform their day to day habits into more sustainable ones. The New School will also present lectures and programs about living a greener lifestyle.

Join us on October 10 in Union Square and learn how to live green in New York City!

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