Has the Pokémon Go craze hopelessly infected every aspect of your life yet? If not, there’s a new tour in town that will allow you to turn an educational trip to the Met Museum into an adrenaline-filled Pokéwalk. Organized by Museum Hack, the Pokémon Go-themed art tour gives guests the chance to catch an elusive Charizard or Pikachu while wandering through the famous museum’s art-lined exhibition halls. Just try to pay attention so as not to destroy any priceless artifacts, please?

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The tour includes perusing various PokéStops throughout the museum while discussing some of the museum’s most impressive works of art. Guests will have about five minutes to catch Pokémon at the designated spots before they enjoy the surrounding artwork with the tour guide. The package also includes games, visits to animal-themed exhibits, and even an opportunity to boss battle in order to gain control of the gym in the museum.

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Although some might be concerned that the game will be a distraction from the normally sober atmosphere of the museum, the organizers of the Museum Hack tours believe that combining art with Pokémon Go will bring a fun spark to the Met experience.

Museum Hack tour guide Lily Manshel explained that the Met is the perfect place to play Pokémon Go while surrounded by art. “The way I see it, the Met is both a venerated cultural institution and zany, labyrinthine playground — the two things aren’t mutually exclusive,” she said.

“The Met is wacky in so many ways, and I think Pokémon Go just brings that out,” she continued. “I hope that people sort of get to realize that and will want to come back from that and explore.”

To sign up for the Pokémon Go art tour, visit the Museum Hack website. Tickets cost $39, which includes museum admission.

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Images via Museum Hack and the Met Museum Facebook page