Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a new budget deal last week that will boost support for New York residents and their families. Much like the state’s aggressive goals to increase renewable energy and curb greenhouse gas emissions are aimed at improving the environment, two key parts of the new budget are designed to boost quality of life for many residents. The deal implements a hike in NYC’s minimum wage to $15 by the end of 2018, making NY the second state to adopt that threshold. Other areas of the state will also work to meet to the $15 mark at a slower pace. The new budget deal also outlines the state’s new family leave rule, which is being touted as ‘revolutionary’ by family health advocates. NY’s law is the fourth of its kind in the nation and the most generous, as it calls for paid family leave up to 12 weeks following the addition of a child or to care for an ill family member. Furthermore, most employees in the state are eligible once they meet employment requirements. These long anticipated changes are more than just line items in the budget, but legislation that truly helps change people’s lives, making for a happier, healthier New York state of mind.

Via The New York Times

Image via Governor’s Office