A new survey by Talking Transition, a project aimed at getting community feedback during the mayoral transition, reveals that New Yorkers across all demographics are worried about how they’re going to afford rising housing costs. 68 percent of New Yorkers responded to the survey saying that housing affordability in the city is bad and getting worse. Only 14% said it is good and getting better. Some solutions to this mounting problem include things like micro housing and better transportation from the outer boroughs to Manhattan.

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According to the survey, the most negative sentiments came from New Yorkers aged 35 to 64 years old. Data suggests that young New Yorkers become increasingly disillusioned with the affordability of housing in their neighborhoods as they get older. The subject of housing quality didn’t fare much better in the survey, with more than 50% of residents saying it is bad and getting worse, while only 6% said it is good and getting better. Another result of note is that there was no statistically significant difference in opinion among life-long, long-time and recent New Yorkers.

One solution to the problem is micro housing, which would provide people who don’t require a whole lot of space, like single people with flexible lifestyles, with affordable apartments. Making public transportation to and from the outer boroughs to the city better would also allow people who work in Manhattan to live in areas of New York with lower rents.

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