The new Tappan Zee Bridge is all set to have an energy-efficient glow thanks to Philips. The lighting company will be illuminating both the bridge’s roadway and architectural elements with their LEDs, and the system will have the capacity to be programmed with colorful light shows much like the Empire State Building. The luminous new lights will also nab the technologically advanced bridge an estimated 75% in energy savings.

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Dubbed the New NY Bridge, the Tappan Zee will be the city’s largest bridge project in history, in addition to the most sustainable. Thanks to its partnership with Philips technologies, the bridge is anticipated to become a model for modern architecture and technology. With the Philips plan, the entire bridge’s lighting system will be monitored remotely, from a single digital dashboard. The control system will be cloud-based, allowing officials to make adjustments from multiple locations, without worry about maintaining server hardware or software systems.

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The cloud-based system also allows for the remote control of energy efficiency, with the ability to adjust usage depending on sunset time and weather. The bridge design also aims to be a New York architectural icon. With the endless color options that LEDs provide, the bridge will create visual impact with tributes to holidays and causes through color combinations.

The New NY Bridge, along with its Philips LED system, is expected to open in 2016.

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