On Wednesday, January 25th, The Long Island Power Authority reached an agreement with Deepwater Wind to create the largest offshore wind farm in the country off the coast of New York.  The northeastern coast boasts some of the strongest winds in the world, and New York state is aiming to take a leadership role in activating clean energy projects.  The decision to undertake the offshore wind project is a major and historic step forward, and in keeping with the country’s growing recognition of wind power’s benefits as an alternative power source.


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Governor Cuomo has laid out a plan for 50 per cent of the state’s power to come from renewable sources by the year 2030, so this is a huge step forward in that plan.  The wind industry in particular is a growing market for investors, is safer for local communities, is wildlife-friendly and, importantly, will bring forth many new jobs for the state.

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It is notable that LIPA could have decided to develop another standard fossil fuel farm, but instead opted to partner with Deepwater Wind and lay the foundation for upscaling a clean and renewable energy source that helps combat climate change.  New York’s natural wind sources creates enough energy to provide roughly four times the amount of power that the nation currently produces, so it will be interesting to see how wind is utilized for the state and beyond in the near future.


Via New York Times

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