Fur wearing New Yorkers will be refused service at several bars and restaurants in the Upper and Lower East Sides. Johnny Barounis, a business owner and long time vegetarian, welcomes patrons that sport fur — as long as the fur stays outside. The door man of his East Village bar, ReVision, not only checks IDs, but also whether or not any fur is fake.

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The animal lover enforces his no fur policy at his Lower East Side haunts, ReVision and the Back Room, as well as Auction House and Fetch on the Upper East Side. But patrons with leather are not denied. Barounis is not entirely against meat eating and animal products. He sees leather as part of the food chain, in contrast to animals who are only killed for their fur — same goes for certain foods, such as foie gras and veal.

Barounis’ rule may seem harsh, but he maintains his views only within the walls of his establishments, hoping that his small requirement will incite change and help make people to support only cruelty-free clothing.

Barounis bars also encourage sustainable design. He often uses furniture made from recycled materials, as well as second hand furniture from thrift shops and auctions. ReVision Lounge specifically showcases artists who use recycled materials in their work, which is also for sale. The cozy lounge is furnished with couches made from upcycled bath tubs and classic cars, bar stools transformed from beach chairs, and tables made from car hoods and suitcases.

Barounis’ commitment to his ethics is inspiring and will likely gain him more customers, rather than keep fur wearers away.

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