New York City’s Board of Health has voted unanimously to require all city kids under the age of 5 to get flu vaccinations. In a meeting on Wednesday, the board voted that roughly 150,000 children will be required to get the shot, in order to prevent flu outbreaks. Although the required vaccine is a preventative measure, some parents are concerned about the fact that the vaccines used still contain mercury.

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Influenza amongst young children can run rampant, with germs spreading from classrooms to homes and family members. In order to combat potential outbreaks, the Board of Health has decided to enforce their muscle and require the vaccine for all kids under 5. If schools or day care facilities in the New York area fail to have children vaccinated or to keep accurate vaccination records, they could be subject to a fine.

Last year’s flu season was held responsible for the deaths of at least 165 children in the city. The only children not required to get the shots will be those with specific medical reasons, or religious exemptions. Neighboring states New Jersey and Connecticut also require flu vaccinations for young kids.

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