Mayor Bill de Blasio’s green buildings plan for NYC, One City Built to Last, has won the C40 Climate Leader Group’s Building Energy Efficiency award in Paris. The comprehensive plan, which aims to reduce building-based emissions 30 percent by 2025, won the prestigious award during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) this week.

C40 Winners

Although de Blasio did not attend the event, First Deputy Mayor Anthony Shorris accepted the award on his behalf. “New York City and cities around the world are represented in Paris to send a clear message to national leaders: the time is now for real climate action,” said Shorris. “I’m honored to accept this award on behalf of Mayor de Blasio and New York City – and we hope that the innovative sustainability agendas honored here tonight provide a model for tackling climate change around the globe.”

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The mayor’s One City: Built to Last plan is an ambitious 10-year plan that aims to reduce carbon emissions and drastically improve the energy efficiency of NYC’s one million buildings. The city is investing at least $1 billion on eight initiatives that focus on improving operations and maintenance on public buildings as well as retrofitting city-owned buildings to be more energy-efficient. Additionally, the plan includes 15 initiatives aimed at propelling forward the private sectors of energy efficiency, renewable energy, development of green building and energy codes, and the creation of a global hub for clean energy technology and innovation.

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Images via C40