Move over Financial, Fashion, and Meatpacking — there’s a new NYC district in town and it’s called the Bike Friendly Business District. Transportation Alternatives, the biggest bicycle initiative in the city, has partnered with over 150 local businesses to create the wide swath of shops, restaurants, and museums which will offer coupons and specials for anyone who arrives on a bike. From discounted meals at Veselka to two-for-one drinks at Luca Lounge, these deals for those on two wheels can be found throughout the five boroughs, with the largest concentration in the East Village and Lower East Side.

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After disappointing news that the city’s bike sharing program was delayed until next spring, the Bike Friendly Business District is doing its part to promote and reward bicycling around the city. Some businesses are even switching from delivery cars to cargo bikes! While we know opting for two wheels certainly helps the environment, Transportation Alternatives told Gothamist that is also improves local retail sales, saying “Streets that prioritize biking and walking and include amenities like bike lanes and pedestrian plazas have been proven to boost retail sales by 10-25%.” With over 100 businesses already involved and more begging to be included, we have a feeling this will be a great growing trend throughout New York.

+ Transportation Alternatives

via gothamist