The New York City Parks Department has announced that it will cut down 2,000 Hurricane Sandy-damaged trees this fall before these “zombie” trees can kill or injure pedestrians again. Although the super storm caused $10 billion in damages in NYC more than a year ago, it has continued its destruction via saltwater-logged trees that have basically turned into killing machines waiting to strike. Many of these trees are so rotted that they are likely to fall on residents during routine wind or rain.

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Now the city is finally moving to cut down and remove 2,000 undead tree husks before they can cause even more tragedies. According to The NY Daily News, the Parks department began surveying 48,000 decayed trees earlier this year and it plans on re-inspecting another 4,500 in the fall.

When floodwaters came surging in last October, they deposited salt into the soil, dehydrating the trees and damaging their root systems. These trees don’t just look sickly with their browning leaves and thinning tree branches, they’re also a danger that could drop broken limbs or fall down entirely. Earlier this month, the NY Times reported a woman in Queens was crushed whilst sitting on a park bench by one of these damaged trees.

The Parks Department said it hasn’t determined a time frame for the removal of the trees — we’re personally hoping they can be reused for more awesome artwork. In the interim though, the Parks Department has already been working to remediate the soil with compost and gypsum, which helps to both mitigate salt damage and encourage the return of healthy biological function for the trees. The department has also promised to revisit the sites of cut down trees during the tree-planting season next spring.

via The Daily News