Joining a growing list of New York City landmarks getting green facelifts, the New York City Stock Exchange has been outfitted with new, super-insulating glass that will increase its thermal performance by 60 percent. Supplier Serious Energy, Inc. fitted the 104-year-old landmark’s facade and windows with the company’s SeriousGlass, which will maximize natural daylighting while reducing solar heat gain by 40 percent.

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SeriousGlass has a high r-value, meaning that it has a high thermal resistance — to match SeriousGlass’s insulating capabilities with standard glass, you would need to use six panes. The Stock Exchange has relatively high internal loads and requires a significant amount of air conditioning in the hot New York summers. Because SeriousGlass will minimize solar heat gain, the exchange will saving energy previously needed to cool the building. The glass also provides for a higher light transmission, while block 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

The new glass allows for state-of-the-art performance without altering the building’s appearance, a very important factor considering the building is a landmark and the changes had to be approved by the Landmark Preservation Commission. The same glass was also used as the replacement for all of the windows in the Empire State Building.

+ Serious Energy, Inc.


Lead image © Francisco Diez via Creative Commons